Where are my posts? I was Hacked!

Bad news in Stickelberry land… my blog was the victim of some malicious code, and because I didn’t have the proper protocols in place (keeping regular backups locally on my drives), I lost a good part of this year’s content. So bummed! Totally kicking myself in the bum right now.

I lost my Ikea Poang Chair Slipcover tutorial (though I re-created it in case that’s why you’re here). I also lost my Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Plastic Canvas Note Holder, Customize Everything and New Baby posts! I may or may not re-create them. Right now I’m just too sad and too MAD.

The meanies slipped in and dropped some evil code that attacked every program file – but it actually happened a long time ago and was building up, destroying my stuff over time. My server host does indeed take backups, but the oldest one they had was long after the damage was done. Boo.

The good news is I have beefed up security and am taking the appropriate measures to make sure I can recover if this happens again.

It’s a sad sad world when someone attacks a CRAFT blog.

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IKEA Poang Chair Slipcover

***August 2014 Update: Sadly, my blog was hacked and rendered useless! I had to restore from a backup but it was from just prior to this post so I lost all of it. I have the pictures and have re-created the directions but I no longer have the measurements so you will have to figure that out on your own. My sincerest apologies! If you have used this tutorial before and happen to have a copy of it printed out, please contact me – I will be forever grateful!****

The IKEA Poang Chair is a very popular staple in many budget savvy homes — but it only comes in a few colors and patterns, white being the only one that would work in the baby’s room. We all know white won’t last long, and I wanted a chair that would POP, so I decided to attempt to make a cover for the Poang cushion that would do the baby’s room some justice. 


You know these chairs – you’ve seen them, and you may even own one! We opted for one of these guys over a rocker (saving us hundreds of dollars) when we were decorating Logan’s room, and it turned out to be a great purchase. Logan is 2 now, and we still use the chair every night for story time, and he likes to climb up and sit and read by himself as well. We decided to save our pennies again and go with the same chair for the nursery, but with an added twist!

I found this fantastic duck canvas at Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite sources for fabric (40% off coupon – can’t beat that!). There were a few ways that I could have tackled this project, but I wanted to make it as easy on myself as possible (8.5 months pregnant and all). I decided to forgo zippers, but since I wanted it to be removable – knowing full well that spit-up WILL make it onto the beautiful fabric – I made it a giant slipcover, much like a normal pillow cover.

I couldn’t get a piece long enough to cover the cushion with one whole piece of fabric (if you can, do it, it will be easier!) so I had to use two pieces (one long, one short), but really the hardest part of the whole project was just shoving the cushion into the cover. :)

I followed the same method for creating the ottoman cover – a large piece of fabric, overlapping in the center on the backside.

Here is the tutorial for you DIY-ers — hope it is clear, if not please feel free to contact me with any questions!

IKEA Poang Chair Slipcover!

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric – a few yards, you’ll need to measure your cushion to determine, but I think I used 3.
  • Velcro – one piece the length of the velcro that is on the existing cushion, and you’ll just need the one side (soft side).
  • Sewing supplies — machine, coordinating thread, scissors, pins, etc.


1. Measure your cushion (flap extended) and get the length of fabric you need to cover the whole thing (length of cushion x2 + 4in) if you can. If not, do the math to figure out how you can get it covered with two pieces – I had a long and a short piece that I sewed together. You’ll want to do this prior to starting the cover.


*Had not yet sewn on my second piece of fabric – so imagine the top has an extra few feet of material that would fold over the top of the cushion and overlap the other edge!

Lay the fabric face down on the ground and place your cushion on top (flap extended, back side up so you see the velcro). Wrap the fabric around the cushion so there is an overlap.

2. Fold back one edge about an inch twice and pin in place. Do the same with the other edge — the two edges should still overlap if you measured correctly. IMG_69823. Pin up the long sides of the fabric, but leave the shorter side open (so you can slip the cushion out later) IMG_69814. Use a pin to mark on one edge of the fabric where the velcro is on the cushion. This is the edge that you will sew new velcro on so that your cushion connects to the chair. IMG_69875. Fold the edge back and pin your piece of velcro (check to make sure the length and texture matches what is on the existing cushion) IMG_69916. Pin just the corner of the short side that you haven’t pinned yet to hold it in place – you’re going to then slip the cushion out and start sewing!IMG_6981

7. Take your fabric to the sewing machine. First sew your folded over edges.  I sewed mine right in the middle of the fold, so it left a nice-looking seam.IMG_6995IMG_69968. Next, sew on your velcro strip!IMG_6994
9. Now you can sew up the pinned sides on the long half of your cover. Start at the bottom fold and go up – when you get to the top where the folded edge is, stop at the top of the edge and do some back-stitching several times for reinforcement. IMG_7000
10. You’re almost done – it looks like an envelope right now. Lay it out and pin the remaining sides on the short half, and sew those up too. Your folded edge at the top should be past the folded edge on the other half of the cover, so when you sew you’re going to sew right over the first edge (underneath your current layer) and up to the top of the current edge — again back-stitching several times for reinforcement.

*Showing first edge under the current layer - sew right over it!

*Showing first edge under the current layer – sew right over it!

11. One last bit of maintenance. Since the cushions are rounded – you’ll want to clip and sew the corners. Use pinking shears if you have them – it makes it easier! IMG_7004IMG_7005 12. Turn your project inside out, press it if needed, and proceed to STUFF the cushion into the cover. Stuff the long side first. This isn’t easy and you will think you did something wrong – but just keep pushing, I promise it will go in!

Stuff it!

Stuff it!


And Voila! You’re done :)


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Camouflage Your Unsightly Tech Gear

Easy (And Cute!) Way to Hide Your Tech Gear!

I am 33 weeks pregnant, which means I have less than 2 months until my due date (although between you and me I think probably less!). Hubbo and I have been working on getting Baby #2′s room finished and preparing ourselves mentally for the sleepless nights and zombie-like days ahead.

Unsightly Tech Gear

Unsightly Tech Gear

In order to make room for #2 (sorry, we STILL haven’t picked a name – we probably won’t until wee SEE him!), I had to give up my office/craft/junk room. In that room resides all of our techie stuff — including the cable modem and wireless router. Now, being the geeky girl that I am, I love that stuff, I mean I really do – I totally geeked out when I got to go pick out a new one. However, I don’t think the baby will appreciate the black plastic and green flashing lights. Well, maybe he will, but it is unsightly, especially in an infant’s bedroom!

Unfortunately I have to leave them where they are, so that left me with the challenge of figuring out a way to hide them. This post has the masterpiece (ha) that I came up with: I took a cardboard box, cut it, slapped some pretties on it, and called it a day.

Hiding the unsightly tech gear!

Hiding the unsightly tech gear!

But it’s cute! I will use it as a frame to hold the baby’s announcement card — right now it holds my PERFECT baby shower invite in just the right colors that my thoughtful sister in law picked out. :) The great thing about this is you can make it however you like — you can just make a pretty facade or put a frame on it to hold a picture. Anything is better than the black plastic and blinking lights!

I’ve made the tutorial pretty self explanatory with the pictures, but here is the supply list! Obviously you can customize the “shield” with any type of style/decor that suits the room in which you’re needing to camouflage your tech gear.


  • Box – width and height large enough to cover the gadget(s). You can use cereal boxes taped together if you want!
  • Scissors
  • Pretty Paper – I used two 12×12 pieces since that was the size of my box, and a few smaller pieces for the insets/frame portion. It’s just like making a scrapbook page!
  • Clothespin (mine is a mini)
  • Tape runner or other scrapbook glue
  • Foam Sticky Dot
  • Tape

1. Take your box and cut two opposing sides off of it:IMG_6937IMG_6939






2. Use your tape to reinforce the back of it (depends on the type of box you are using)IMG_6943

3. Flip your box over and cut and glue your scrapbook paper to the sides of the box. My box was 12x12x6 so this was easy for me to do – just had to cut one piece of paper in half for the sides. IMG_6944IMG_6945

4. Glue and place your front scrapbook piece(s) to make it pretty!IMG_6947

5. Use your sticky dots to glue your clothespin to the top center of your “frame”


6. I decided to cut a circle to cover my clothespin — I used the tape runner to stick the circle to the top of the clothespinIMG_6953

7. Reinforce the front edges with tape, so that the paper doesn’t curl after time. This isn’t necessary if you properly glue the paper down, and a matted tape would look better, but I used what I had! I didn’t want the red of the box showing through between the papersIMG_6957IMG_69598. Add the final touch – in this case it is my shower invite. But I will switch it out with the birth announcement once baby arrives!



And that’s it! It reminds me of elementary school, when we sat at tables and took tests, they put those big shields at our seat so we couldn’t look over at our neighbor’s work. It does the trick and alleviates my hubbo’s concern that anything I made would be a potential fire hazard if it touched the gadgets underneath or covered them on top.


How do you hide your tech gear? I’ve never had the need to hide it before since it was in the office!


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Last Minute Irish Mantle

St. Patrick’s Day in the Stickelberry House

Framed and ready for display!

Framed and ready for display!


As I mentioned before, St. Patrick’s Day has never been a big “To Do” in my house, but I wanted to at least do a little something for my little man. I shared with you a Free Printable that I created – I’ve framed that and found a few other items to put up on the mantle to make it festive.

Everything came from Michaels – gotta love that store! And right now, all of the St. Patrick’s Day decor is 50% off, so if you’re looking for some last minute items, go there first! This frame was 40% off and I had a coupon for an additional 25% off of all frames. Love my Michaels app with instant coupons!



I made a simple mini-bunting using scrapbook paper – you know I love my sparkles! I found this great gold piece and a muted polka dotted green piece.. I cut out a few triangles by hand (nothing fancy!).

Pretty Papers... Pretty Ribbon...

Pretty Papers… Pretty Ribbon…

I punched some holes and strung them on a bright glittery green ribbon that I found in the $1 ribbon bin near the door (score!).IMG_7098

I’m often working right next to or even ON my laptop.

Workspace.. or lack thereof

Workspace.. or lack thereof

I found this awesome little chalkboard in the dollar bin too (double score!).

Lucky to Find This Guy for $1

Lucky to Find This Guy for $1

The greenery in the vase is from the St. Patrick’s Day decor section – they are clovers on stems, and they sparkle too!mantle1

…and that’s it. Nothing major, but it gives the house a little bit of cuteness and makes it festive for Monday’s Corned Beef & Cabbage meal. :o)

Our Irish Mantle

Our Irish Mantle

Looking for that Free Printable? Look no further!

St Patricks Day Printable




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St Patricks Day Printable

A Little Bit of Luck & A Free Printable!

Irish Toast

I will be honest with you… St. Patrick’s Day has never really been that big of a deal for me. Maybe because I don’t drink beer? At least in my area, in my circles, St. Patty’s day is about wearing green, going to a bar and getting drunk. But alas, I never went out and binged on green fizzy in my pre-k years. However, one thing that I do ALWAYS do, is cook up a mean corned beef and cabbage meal – because for me, even if I’m not THAT in to the holiday itself, I’m always in to the FOOD!


I normally don’t decorate for this holiday either… I think I am even part Irish (that remains a mystery!), but I never felt the need to put green stuff up all over the house. This year, however, I am feeling very crafty and I have a 2 year old son that loves it when the decorations on the fireplace change. Not to mention, right now I am pretty much stuck inside the house most of the time (pregnancy woes), so it does me some good to change things up a bit too — even if it is only temporary.

I did a flyer for a friend’s bar for their St. Patrick’s Day bash and it got me in design mode, so I whipped up something fun for the mantle that I thought you might enjoy too.

Framed and ready for display!

Framed and ready for display!

That’s right folks – another free printable! Woo hoo!

St Patricks Day Printable!

Click for your free download!

In the weeks, months, years to come – in the spirit of the Irish – I say:clover

Wherever You Go and Whatever You Do, May the Luck of the Irish Be there with You! 

After all, we can always use a Little Bit of Luck!

You can find some more wonderful Irish toasts and blessings at Island Ireland!


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